2014-2016 Arts On Tour Roster


Terry Barber - New!

image of Terry Barber



For Whom

All ages

Fee Range

$1,500 - $4,500


Terry Barber
802 SW Lighthouse Drive
Palm City, FL 34990

Phone: 917-338-6319
Email: Terry@Terry-Barber.com


Artists and Activities

Classical for Everyone is an entertainment-driven vocal performance sung in the baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano range by one international, rare countertenor vocalist.  Repertoire has been chosen based on two scenarios: 1) crowd-pleasing familiar repertoire (like "La Donne E Mobile," "Maria," "The Habanera," "Bring Him Home," and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah") and  2) art that anyone can be entertained by on the first listening, such as “Life if Happiness Indeed” by Bernstein, where Barber plays three characters in one song.  A past member of the Grammy winning vocal group, Chanticleer, Barber has entertained audiences internationally at the world’s best venues, has recorded with a variety of artists from Madonna to the London Philharmonic, and was the second most requested artist from a recent national showcase, with almost 50 contracts.

Barber says, "Everyone loves classical music - they just don't know it yet! Let's tear down the walls of classical etiquette and invite the masses in to connect with classically-driven art!  I joke with the audience, share information that will help them get closer to the art, elicit their involvement, and use my vocal range to keep them guessing.  The highest compliments I receive from classical enthusiasts and new "converts" include 'Terry Makes Classical, Fun!' and 'The most entertaining classical performance we've had!'”

Available for Tour

  • Terry Barber Takes You Higher

    the greatest high male singers from Farinelli to Freddie Mercury. Classical for Everyone, an entertaining, accessible classically-driven program includes recognizable melodies and audience favorites. Terry sings works for baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano, in French, German, English, Latin, and Italian.

  • A Sacred Journey

    the history of western sacred music includes something for everyone, including works by many of the greats (Bach, Handel, Mozart, Faure, Bernstein). From Gregorian chant, to spirituals, and modern favorites like “The Prayer,” “You Raise Me Up,” “The Kol Nidre,” and “I Believe.”

  • Also offered are lecture demonstration performances, choir master classes, vocal solo master classes, and artist residencies.