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Benjamin Sung - New!

image of Benjamin Sung


Music - violin

For Whom

All ages

Fee Range

$250 - $2,000


Benjamin Sung
913 Lasswade Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Phone: 812-327-8376
Email: bsung@fsu.edu


Artists and Activities

Benjamin Sung presents solo violin performances ranging from Baroque to modern, from classical concert works to bluegrass ballads, from Appalachia to Argentina. The length and repertoire of his unaccompanied violin recitals can be tailored to each audience and venue, with options including a complete survey of the history of the solo violin in a 90-minute formal recital, half-hour presentations on music and technology and popular music, a celebration of music and stories for younger children, and a casual introduction to musical forms that invites audience participation.

Currently Assistant Professor of Violin at The Florida State University, Benjamin has extensive experience as both performer and teacher.  He offers residency options for all grades, masterclasses for the serious violin student, chamber and large ensemble rehearsals for orchestra and band, and workshops for teachers on integrating music and musical performance into classrooms of all subjects.   Benjamin received his Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University, where he was a student of the eminent Russian virtuoso and pedagogue Nelli Shkolnikova.

Available for Tour

  • Recital

    90 minutes
  • Masterclasses and Music Presentations