2014-2016 Arts On Tour Roster


Tango Lovers (Enamorados del Tango) - New!

image of Tango Lovers (Enamorados del Tango)
Photo credit: Marcos Ayala


Tango show dance and music performance

For Whom

All ages

Fee Range

$500 - $28,000


Pierina Asti-Schulz
5241 SW 154 Place
Miami, FL 33185

Phone: 305-613-1719
Email: production@tangolovers.com


Artists and Activities

Inspired by the rhythms of big cities, Tango Lovers features an award- winning cast with world-class dancers and vocalists accompanied by the rhythms of an orchestra with members of symphonic and philharmonic ensembles. Through the vision of Artistic Director and Choreographer, Marcos Ayala, Tango Lovers has evolved into a tango show with an appeal to all generations with the different sensations of tango displayed through dance, lighting, and stunning costumes. The company tours internationally and in the United States, with programs which share the cultural essence and evolution of tango with the art of tango dance. Tango Lovers has developed into one of the most dynamic, elegant, exciting and sensuous performances in the Americas and has been rated by the press as “a tango show in the best Broadway style.”

Programs can be customized upon presenter’s request aiming to make our presentation the most successful and pleasant in all aspects. Before or after each performance the company will provide interviews with our artists, producers, and technical staff plus a backstage tour.

Available for Tour

  • The SHOW

    $28,000, length 2 hours, including a 15-minute intermission. Upon presenter’s consent, TANGO LOVERS may also include aerial dance in its performance. Master Classes and Workshops are available and can be offered to complement with the SHOW.

  • School Performance

    $18,000-$20,000, length 55 minutes. A Tango Lovers educational program will combine the cultural essence and evolution of tango with the art of tango dance.

  • Master Classes and Workshops

    $500-$1,000, length one hour depending on the number of instructors and students.

  • Tango Beginner

    Workshops designed for students with no experience.

  • Tango Intermediate

    Workshops designed for students with basic dance experience.

  • Tango Silver

    Workshops designed for seniors that would like to learn to dance tango. No previous dance experience is required.

  • Tango for ALL

    Workshops given by specialized teachers and featured artists for physically challenged individuals.

  • Master Tango

    Designed for tango teachers and advanced tango dancers. Tango Lovers can provide an opportunity for the workshop merit students to participate in the SHOW.