2014-2016 Arts On Tour Roster


Donna Wissinger

image of Donna Wissinger


Music, costumes, and Theater, American and World History

For Whom

K-12 and Adult Audiences

Fee Range

$750 - $2,400


Donna Wissinger
2199 Astor Street #502
Orange Park, FL 32073

Phone: 407-492-8876
Email: topformdrw@aol.com


Artists and Activities

Internationally acclaimed flutist/storyteller Donna Wissinger performs family-friendly concert programs and residencies that dazzle and educate audiences of all ages. Join communities throughout the US to thrill your K-12 teachers. Conclude a fabulous week of school residency with families coming together for a program featuring virtuosic playing, fabulous costumes, heart-warming video, and enthralling storytelling. One presenter’s comments summarize the Donna experience, “She makes every audience feel a part of the performance. Students and teachers are still talking about and learning from the programs; this was by far the best and most exciting residency we have ever had.”

Choose: Tales of Legendary Florida: 500 Years of History; The Pied Piper and Other Fantastic Tales;
Myths, Legends, and Fables; The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution and Beowulf: A tale of Courage and Honor.  Each program is packed full of Common Core and Sunshine State Standards. Call for more details!

Available for Tour

  • Donna Wissinger in Residency

  • Donna Wissinger’s Young People’s Concert with Symphony Orchestra: Freedom

    A multi-media concert event of music, stories, and art that complements the school residency

  • Tales of Legendary Florida

    A multi-media concert event of music, stories, and art that complements the school residency

  • Tales of Legendary Florida (Viva Florida version)

    A multi-media concert that celebrates 500 years of Florida History. Music, stories, and visual art turn the pages of 500 exciting years of the rich heritage that is Florida. Journey through time with images of unspoiled Florida and the plaintive flute voices of the earliest inhabitants, crest the waves to the landing, conquests, and adventures of Ponce de Leon and De Soto, step into the gentle footsteps of environmentalist William Bartram, and boogie on the 1902 rails of Henry Flagler’s railroad across-the-sea.

    Florida’s history, like America’s, is one of youthful energy. It is one of Spanish explorers and immigrants, of people still seeking the Fountain of Youth, of cowboys, and those seeking frontiers in space. Within the boundaries of the state is the oldest occupied city in North America, as well as the launching site of the first manned trip to the moon. Ponce de Leon named the peninsula La Florida because it reminded him of the Spanish ‘feast of flowers.’ The poet Elizabeth Bishop rhapsodized that Florida is ‘the state with the prettiest name.’ COME!  Journey into the Tales of Legendary Florida with me!