2014-2016 Arts On Tour Roster


Moving Current

image of Moving Current
Photo credit: J.M. Lennon


Modern dance

For Whom

Age 13 and up

Fee Range

$800 - $6,000


Cynthia Hennessy
5501 N. Branch Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604-7003

Phone: 813-237-0216
Email: info@movingcurrent.com or cindyhennessy6@gmail.com


Artists and Activities

Since 1997, Moving Current dance collective offers the highest level of modern dance and arts education to Florida communities. With a group of athletically elegant dancers, Moving Current has established itself as one of the Southeastern region’s top modern dance companies. The company offers an evening program of eclectic modern, aerial and dance theater works by the artistic directors and renowned choreographers from across the US in a blend of music, lighting, and costumes to create living, breathing art. Each concert is followed by a question and answer session.

The company offers a variety of residency activities that include technique classes in modern, modern jazz, and partnering for modern dance. Classes are also offered in improvisation, Skinner Releasing Technique, and choreography. Community projects and multi-generation classes provide a wide range of activities for all types of communities. Unique, interactive performances for non-traditional spaces for all ages, workshops for teachers, in-classroom “Dancing at Your Desk” activities are also available.

Available for Tour

  • Moving Current in Concert

  • Big Dances for Small Spaces

  • Dancing Verbs, Adverbs and Similes

  • Dancing Your Direction