2014-2016 Arts On Tour Roster


Kuniko Yamamoto

image of Kuniko Yamamoto
Photo Credit: Jon LeClair


Japanese storytelling with origami, mask, and mime

For Whom

All ages

Fee Range

$750 - $3,000


Jennifer Morris
Siegel Artist Management
18 Amherst Avenue
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

Phone and Fax: 570-824-2266
Email: Jennifer@siegelartist.com


Artists and Activities

Kuniko presents a dramatic Japanese storytelling performance of myths and fables. The combination of Japanese music, handcrafted masks, highly-stylized movement, origami paper folding, and a touch of magic makes this appealing to all grade levels. Kuniko uses folktales and folksongs that describe Japanese traditions. Her origami presentations feature mythological character masks and puppets, flowers, and a bamboo sushi mat.

Reflecting the Sunshine State Standards, Kuniko’s program complements the Multi-Culture Study, Visual Arts, Language Arts, Theatre, and Social Studies components. 45 – 90 minute workshop topics include Math Lessons with Origami, Origami Connection to Visual Arts and Social Studies, Origami for Teachers, and Theater Workshop. Puppetry, story-making, dance, mask-making, and movement are all subject areas that can be covered.

Available for Tour

  • Family Audiences: Japanese Storytelling with Magical Mask, Mime, and Music

  • School Shows (K-12): Origami Tales