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Dance NOW! Miami

image of Dance NOW! Miami
Photo credit: Jenny Abreu


Modern dance-theatre

For Whom

All ages

Fee Range

$7,500 - $16,500


Linda Reznik
River City Artists Management

Phone: 412-335-5293
Email: lreznik@rivercityartists.com


Artists and Activities

“This company is not only elegant and fierce, but is dedicated to its community. Over the course of ten years, the company has informed our beaches, landmarks, institutions, and public spaces and made themselves an artistic treasure in our community and a jewel in our own back yard. This latest presentation is but one more enriching, provoking, and well-crafted offering by a mature, exciting and bounds-breaking company. “ -- Miguel Estefan, Miami Art Guide

Dance NOW! Miami was founded by Diego Salterini and Hannah Baumgarten through a chance encounter at a South Florida dance collective. The two quickly became dance partners and creative collaborators. Described as “...carnal and courageous…… with an impressive range of movement and motion”, (Mia Leonin, Miami Art Guide) the work bridges the directors’ diverse backgrounds in ballet, modern dance and jazz, creating poetic narrative and theatrical artistry filled with fierce athleticism, featuring world-class performers and collaborators.

Presented in 10 States and three continents, Dance Now!’s contemporary style has received critical and popular acclaim both at the local, national and international level. The company’s work has been presented by Ballet Estable del Teatro Colon, Teatro José Francisco Saybe San Pedro Sula, Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, the Carefree Music Festival, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Pima Center for the Arts in Tucson, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Florida Dance Festival, Dance Gallery Festival of New York, Miami International Hispanic Ballet Festival, Interlochen Center for the Arts, Cincinnati Conservatory and Central Florida Community College, among others. The directors have created 14 full-length works and over 50 shorter works, working both individually and collaboratively as well as presenting the work of guest choreographers Michael Uthoff, Tandy Beal, Tauna Hunter, Josée Garant and Colleen Farnum. The company founded the EKPHRASIS Project, creating site-specific work in museums and galleries, and has pioneered cultural initiatives such as the Miami Dance Festival, the Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler and Miami Open Stage. The company has long standing commitment to Arts Education with a 14-year history of residencies and outreach in public and private institutions throughout the U.S and abroad.

Dance NOW! has garnered awards such as: Best Experimental Dance Company, Best Dance Piece, Best Choreographers (Miami Sun Post), Top Ten Dance Events of the Year (Miami Herald) and the 2010 Miami ArtZine Visionary Award.

Available for Tour

  • Additional Solos, duets, and group works available upon request. Visit vimeo.com/dancenowmiami to see sample repertory.

  • Dance NOW! Touring repertory is carefully designed to accommodate the specific needs and of each presenter and is also based on availability and tour readiness.


    This work can be booked as one evening or separately with additional repertory

  • OCEANICA (2012)

    rt. 35 min
    Choreography by Diego Salterini /full Company

    Diego Salterini’s “OCEANICA” is an underwater journey through dance. After years as a competitive swimmer, and over a decade living in Florida, Salterini created a magical work inspired by the weightlessness of the underwater experience, the fluidity and swirling of the ocean’s ebbs and flows, and the mysteries of life that lay hidden in its waters; Elizabeth Camargo’s tour-friendly set transforms any stage into a magical and fantastical undersea environment hosting Salterini’s breathtaking dance-imagery.

  • Random Patterns of Falling Leaves (2011)

    rt. 35 min.
    Choreography by Salterini & Baumgarten/full Company
    Music by Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Bartois, Ludovico Einaudi

    Breathtaking visuals accompany Dance NOW!’s stunning dancers and poetic choreography to the haunting music of Arvo Part. With Asian inspired sets of hanging lanterns from Bruce F. Brown and silk costumes from Marylin Skow, Random Patterns brings the audience deep into the dynamic forests of fall. The Dancers shed their costumes as an allegory to autumn, and the piece concludes with a dramatic cascade of falling leaves.

  • Songs of Spring (2013)

    rt. 22 min.
    Choreography by Salterini & Baumgarten/full Company
    Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    This lively, celebration of life will transport your audiences into a world erupting with all things Spring! Quirky, playful and athletic, this dance creates a microcosm where sprouts begin their journey with sparkle and humor.....and follows their transformation from clumsy bundles of energy into glorious blossoms of grace and beauty; seeds becoming vines, pupa becoming butterflies. Danced to Mozart’s Iconic Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Songs of Spring embodies the beauty of the season completely in its subtlety and its boldness and this work can be performed to recorded music or can be accompanied by a local string quartet creating a community collaboration!

  • Water’s Edge, the Long Walk, Stories of the Seashore (2013)

    rt. 37 min
    Choreography by Hannah Baumgarten/full Company

    This Cinematic work captures the imagination of children and adults alike with whimsy, passion, poetry and athleticism. Water’s Edge touches on our common experiences at and nostalgia for the Oceanside through the interconnected stories of seven people whose lives cross while visiting the beach. Are they reliving one life, danced through time, or simply portraying timeless stories familiar to all of us? Architect/set designer Elizabeth Camargo and lighting designer Michael Marrocco created a tour friendly set which can transform any stage into a natural seashore. Evocative costumes from Marlylin Skow and a soundscape from long-time musical collaborator Federico Bonacossa create a magical synergy, bringing the beach into your theater.