2014-2016 Arts On Tour Roster


Caribbean Sound/Steel Bamboo/The Conch Fritters

image of Caribbean Sound/Steel Bamboo/The Conch Fritters


Steel pan and world music

For Whom

All ages

Fee Range

$5,000 - $6,000


Terri D. Lucas
Precision Artist Management
502 E University, APT B
Waxahachie, Texas  75165

Phone:  501-815-4546
Email:  terri.d.lucas@gmail.com


Artists and Activities

Caribbean Sound has been and is currently the only group of its kind touring the US performing on steel pans and presenting the music, vocals, ambiance and excitement that makes the Caribbean such a wonderful destination.  They have enthralled their audiences with traditional Calypso, contemporary classics, and original compositions for the steel pan, striking new territory with an incredible sound leaving audiences thirsting for more. The music of Caribbean Sound is grounded in classical and jazz traditions combined with years of cultural research of Caribbean rhythms to create a marvelous performance for all. This one-of-a-kind ensemble provides students and adults the opportunity to cross cultural barriers and discover the amazing influences from around the world that came together to create the steel pan. They have appeared with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, The Orchestra of Southern Utah, and the East Texas Symphony Orchestra along with recording and TV appearances.

Caribbean Sound has spectacular and exciting performances available to fit your venue's multicultural calendar including concert and artist Series, outdoor concerts, and educational programs with an emphasis on the history and background of steel drums and Caribbean Music, residency programs and Symphony Pops and Family Programs.

Available for Tour

  • Pan By Storm, The Caribbean Sound Educational Program

    gives students an introduction to steel drums and history of the instrument as well as the musical styles from the Caribbean. It is an educational and amusing look at the history behind steel drums beginning with the discovery of Trinidad and Tobago by Christopher Columbus in 1498 to the present. Accompanied by a storyteller, audiences enjoy  the enchanting sound of African drumming and rhythms, bottle and spoon bands of the early 1900s, Tamboo Bamboo bands , metal bands using buckets, tins, and break drums, the Pan Around The Neck steel drums from the 1950s, and finally combining all these historical elements with the modern steel drum, the instrument in use today. The production is designed for school programs K-12 in an auditorium setting but can be performed in a multi-purpose or other large room. Show length 50 minute to 1 hour. www.caribbeansound.net

  • Steel Bamboo

    is a fresh new tropical ensemble that combines a number of authentic tropical instruments that blend genuine island sounds with unique arrangements of audience favorites. Music ranges from the soothing sounds of the ukulele to the fiery rhythms of steel pans. With influences including the sounds of Bob Marley, Bourbon Street, Smooth Jazz, and the Florida Keys, Steel Bamboo conjures the essence of the “Floribbean” lifestyle – relaxing near the ocean by day and dancing barefoot in the sand through the night by blending the amazing talents of Dustin Barber-lead guitarist for The Al Green Orchestra and Barry Olsavsky-lead pannist for Caribbean Sound. www.steelbambooband.com

  • The Conch Fritters

    educational show “Gumbo for Kids” aims to entertain and enlighten children from kindergarten through 8th grade, introducing them to the musical styles and dominant instruments of the tropics. Musical styles covered include Calypso, Polynesian, and Reggae. Featured instruments include steel pans, Spanish guitar, ukulele, and authentic regional percussion. Interactive and entertaining, students will never forget the hands-on experience of playing these unique tropical instruments themselves.  “Gumbo for Kids” promises to be a memorable experience for children, parents, and teachers alike. As we like to say, “Don’t worry ‘bout a ‘ting, ‘cause every little ‘ting gonna be alright!” Available for K-6. www.theconchfritters.com